The Dream of One Filmmaker...

the Passion of Thousands of Cubans...

now the Worthy Cause of finishing a Documentary Film that spotlights how interaction changes the world...

by promoting mutual understanding.

With your support and our Cuban Film Permit in place
next we capture the final footage in 4K
to finish this TV Documentary for
world-wide distribution.

Over 15 years gathering 1400+ hours of Video.

Over 1000 Face - to - Face Interviews

"For us this project VIVA CUBA is very important

because it is a new look at Cuba, a new action."

Expertly capturing the paradox of Cuba's frenetic energy for living life at a tranquil pace.

paul-prewitt-headshotHello, I'm Paul Prewitt... Producer and photographer for Viva Cuba!, over the last 15 years I have been traveling to Cuba by small sailboats and planes, and I have now covertly collected over 1400 hours of broadcast quality video for this film, under some of the most extreme and difficult situations imaginable. My small team of Cuban Associates and I logged over 5000 miles crisscrossing this Island that for so long has been something Americans know so little about.

I have filmed  professionally on assignment in over 20 countries in the past 30 years and Cuba is UNIQUE. I have never been so affected and so amazed by a people, with their intelligence, caring and passion for living...and I know you will be too.

And now I need your help with funding and support to finish this landmark film on the true story of Cuban society, its culture and its people, that has yet to be told. Please contribute to our Indiegogo Campaign raising the funds to finish our Documentary for global distribution.

"In Cuba there are no bad people. They are

GOOD. They don't have bad intentions...

and for the most part don't care

how others live."

"I am happy to be a Cuban.


"I love Cuba. I am part of Cuba.

To me, this project is important

and fundamental to my being."

"I am Cuban.

My essence is here.

I love Cuba...I love all

that is Cuba."

"VIVA CUBA, the words... is about our PASSION.
It is an emotion, it is a feeling,
it is LIFE to us."

"Cuba is very tranquil.
I have lived in the same
place for 34 years,
since I was born."

"For me, my Grandchildren

are the greatest gift

that I know."

"The Cuban family is very united."

"Our Family is very very musical...singing for 3 generations. Passing on the mastery of a family craft is deeply ingrained in Cuban Culture."

"If the doors open to all

Americans to come here...

you are welcome to visit us

every year just like family."

"The Cuban Family is always
made up of GREAT love,
great affection and
great care."
"We also have a very advanced
culture and we produce great talent.
We are known for it in this country."

"Talent is Cuba!

There is a ton of cultural talent in Cuba."

"It is time for the world to see that 

the people of Cuba are ready to embrace the world."